About us

Usha Ek Aasha  excited to share the real story of women in an Indian village and urban area. These peoples are passionate about the ability to change at social level. These story impact on our daily life to inspire hundreds on other peoples. Compilation of these stories will empower females around the World. Our work to amplify the work and cover the story of women that working for small scale business level, social work and extern the example of women empowerment.

These stories include working on the ground level for changing and personal level and large scale spread the motivation for others. Succeed story contribute in our society at education, environment, food, health, and beauty to become the hero of our USHA village food community. That makes hope for all for good. Usha Village Food community offers to connect thousands of peoples. Please submit a story of you or you know someone who deserves to recognize the work.  To submit your story please click here.